Premium account exceeded the number of daily exchange transactions


This morning I made a FX transaction GBP to EUR which went fine. I tried to do a second one later and I got the error message “Sorry, you’ve exceeded the number of daily exchange transactions.”

I don’t understand because:

  • I have only done 1 transaction today
  • I am a premium user so I should be entitled to make free unlimited transactions
  • there is no help, no documentation of any kind about this daily limit

I have contacted the support and they said the issue is escalated but they are unable to tell me if it can be resolved today.
Can you please help urgently because I have to transfer funds today?

I have been with Revolut for a while now and always happy, so I trust you will be able to resolve this today so that I can make more than 1 transaction.


There is an upper limit on the number of currency exchanges you can do in a single day. From my experience, I think it is 8 currency exchanges in a single day, with the limit refreshing 24 hours from the first currency exchange of that day.

Premium gives you unlimited exchange volume (In terms of the amount of money involved.), rather than the number of exchanges.

The situation definitely sounds unusual.


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Hi there.

Thank you for contacting us.

Let me clarify, as a measure for fraud prevention you can only make a certain numbers of exchange transactions per 24 hours.

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That’s what I have been told by the support when I contacted them back 5 hours after my first inquiry.
I am fine with the limits, just that it is not indicated anywhere. As a matter of transparence you should document it clearly. The wording is misleading.

As for the “daily” limit, you should rather say 24h rolling, because it is also misleading.


That’s a really good point @romain17! Agreed, this needs a better explanation as it’s a limit per 24h. Rest assured, we will update our FAQs accordingly.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Andreas K.

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Hi Andreas,
I am agreed with @romain17, you should clarify that point to let people know how many transactions can be done in “24h” or “daily”, whatever. Anyway, you have not clarified that point since you said: “…a certain number of exchange transactions”. So, could you please tell us how many transactions means “certain number”?

Please see the post below.

Hi guys I have the same problem. It is not mentioned that number of FX exchanges is limited. I think it is important to be listed when attracting customers for premium accounts!

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@AndreasK can I use :r: to do fx exchange like forex trading?

No. It’s in their T&C’s.

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I’m having the same problem. I’m Revolut Premium and when I try to exchange currency is says “We couldn’t complete your exchange because you exceeded your daily exchange limit”.
Is there still limit for the amount of transactions one can make a day on Premium? I can’t find this information anywhere. If so, what’s daily and weekly limits for Premium?