Premium Account / Business Accouny / No Chat???

Hey guys I don’t know what is going on today.

I haven’t been responded to all day! Been waiting on the Revolut Team.

Firstly with regard to my premium account I was asked to provide a payment confirmation for the transfer I received I did that and I was told that someone would get back to me however they have not done so!

I have opened a business freelancer account today and I was told it’s all ready then when I logged in it said that the account is temporarily disabled?

Guys just like you I am trying to get s*** done.

I got work to do and need beyond banking so please can someone get in touch ???

Looking forward to some assistance @anon33247966

Kind Regards


Hi there. Apologies for the long wait. An agent has contacted to help with your Personal account. As for the Business account, please click support chat on the screen. A member of our Business support team will assist you further.