Premium acc


I am a premium member and because of your bugs i cant use my card thank you i will no longer use revolut card cheers


Very helpful without stating what the issue is :wink:


The issue is my pin i cant use my card longer because then i changed my pin it not working im trying the old pin and it still not working


How is that a problem? If you change the PIN you dont want the old one to work anymore - that is the whole point.


But now no working pin i tried my new pin but it has same thing


So you are saying the new PIN doesnt work either? If that is the case it might have been an issue with the ATM, though it is difficult to say.

What did the support say? As a premium member it shouldnt take too long.


You can check your correct PIN from within the app


Once your card has been delivered, go to the ‘Cards’ section in the Revolut App and tap ‘Show my PIN’. Please note, your PIN is not your passcode.


If you have forgotten your passcode to access the Revolut app, tap on ‘Forgot?’ in the login page of the app and follow the simple instructions to reset your passcode.


But my top up doesnt work to i was writting 53.35 but it says its wrong


Top up? How is that related to your card’s PIN?

I am sorry, it is really not clear what your problem is.


From your description I guess you’re trying to change PIN to the app. If I am right, you should’ve written last four digits from number of card used to last topup.


Let’s clarify, do you need to reset the Passcode or the PIN of your card?


I cant log in so i need passcode but my passcode also are pin of my card i really dont know what to do


Start from this:

Then you will be asked about last four digits of your card.
Remember NOT revolut card. You need to provide last four digits of card used for last topup.


Can you help me with my last top up what does it mean? i though it was last spended money but its not right


Check this out:


Can you do my pin as it was my first and used pin?