Premier Inn does not recognise Revolut card as debit card


I’ve have just booked a room at a Premier Inn in the UK and had to pay a £1 fee because my Revolut card is recognised as a credit card and NOT a debit card. I selected the Mastercard Debit option but the card type was refused and I had to change to the Mastercard Credit Card option for payment to take place.

Why did this happen and how can it be avoided in the future?

See here:

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Thanks for the link @Frank - I knew I had seen a similar topic somewhere :slight_smile:

OK. After using the BIN checker mentioned in the thread above, I contacted Premier Inn and they apologised and will be refunding the £1 fee (I didn’t even mention the BIN checker, just said I had used a Mastercard debit card and not a credit card).
The £1 should be paid back to my Revolut account in 3 to 5 days.

You are welcome! Glad it worked out for you with the inn.

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I am wondering one thing. Why does Revolut not print “Debit” on the card? Almost all cards have either credit or debit on the front of the card so why not Revolut? It would make it much easier when a store wants to charge you as credit.

I think it’s a pre-paid card.

It’s not a debit card unless it’s a fully-authorised bank by the ‘twin-peaks’ FCA–PRA regulatory system in the UK.

Just received a Revolut alert on my phone. The £1 credit card fee has been refunded :slight_smile:

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It has “prepaid” printed on the back. (Not the early ones, though.)