preference to turn OFF emoticons & unessential message content in Notifications


On my iPhone homescreen I get notifications from Revolut. Basically only accept these as a security: the idea being that if one day odd payments start happening I’ll spot them pretty quick. Strictly non-essential (never done with any other “bank” or card) seems like a good idea in principle.

Recently there’s been some notifiction inflation. Not that there are more notifications but they are getting longer. Not only is there stuff about “do you want to rate this experience?” but a bunch of brightly coloured emoticons. Guess what, I go to the Supermarket and up flashes a HEART, a bunch of dollar bills with WINGS and a big THUMBS UP!!!

This is way too much. Please let me turn it all off (except for a boring single line “Spent at XXXX $12.34” together with a discreet Revolut icon). No doubt some people love it but there’s no accounting for taste.



Add a option to let user customize notification



I raised this point with the support team a couple of weeks ago and was told it’s either all or nothing and there is no individual switch for individual push notifications, however, she said she would pass on the suggestion to the development team. Don’t hold your breath



Agreed, I would wish to control notifications in settings. Luckily with Android you can block applications to notify you.



On iOS too, but OP’s point is to keep essential information while turning off unnecessary emojis and stuff.

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I agree, more control on what notifications and level of spend. I don’t need to know I spent £1.25 in Sainsbury’s. But £50 or £100 plus would be good to ensure it was me.



Agree. Just keep it simple. Way too much noise in those notifications. Also stop to misuse notifications for marketing. Thanks!



I like getting push notifications after each purchase. Doesn’t matter how big or small. Usually they are instant/near instant after making purchase.
It is just a way how to inform you that things are working normally :slight_smile:

I agree on “too much clutter” though. I dont like idea of asking “how was your experience - like, dislike”. Would be nice to be able to switch that off in settings somewhere.



I also support this idea. Just have a popup per transaction with the basic information, nothing else.

I don’t need any summary push messages and announcement of whatever amount I’ve spent within whatever timeframe. And certainly no push message with emoticons.



I second to that. Please, give us option to control the notifications! I don’t care what I spent last week. It’s annoying and you’re only damaging your own, otherwise good, product.

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What are it even used for?
how was your experience, fine they payment work, right?



I agree. Notifications are fine, but keep them simple and not flashy. Or at least give me the option to make them so.

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Btw, it’s “experience with the merchant” not with Revolut… From principal I would dislike all of these notifications to give my feedback to Revolut, but I would damage those merchants in the process…



Agreed. I received a notification on my birthday wishing me a happy birthday. I gave them that information for security purposes, not so they could send an alert to my phone, stop me doing what I was doing, unlock my 'phone, use a short, sharp word that rhymes with “tankers”, and put my 'phone back.

I’m not even sure this is legal… Wouldn’t it count as unsolicited messaging? I don’t remember anything in the terms and conditions that I signed up to that said “We will send you crap whenever we feel like it and you’re okay with that”.



Whatever country you are, I’m pretty sure there’s a crime called “unwanted birthday wishes”, and the fact that they bothered you while you were doing critical stuff should be an aggravating factor which should directly send to jail all of Revolut staff. Please keep us informed about how the lawsuit go on.