Pre-Signup questions


We’re looking for a vendor to help with our expense management (not a replacement for our HSBC bank) which I guess is probably a fairly common use case for Revolut?

We make purchases in USD, EUR and GBP and across different departments of the business. I can see from your promotional info that we can signup different employees but is there the concept of signing up a “cost centre” (i.e if we want to bucket all “SaaS App Purchases” into a specific personal card or media sales on behalf of clients onto another, or a departments purchases on another etc etc). I.e can a single user have access to multiple cards that aren’t specific to that user? (Virtual cards, no need for plastic).

We use QuickBooks Online - any news on an integration with that? I can see it’s “Coming Soon”?

How do your wallets work? Is a card tied to a wallet with a limit on the card but draws from the wallet directly or does the card have it’s own “pre-paid balance” that needs to be topped up? (A bit of an administrative pain but doable).



HI @williamvicary

Thanks for getting in touch - I will DM you so we can discuss this in more detail.



Hi James,

I’d also be very interested in this. We use quickbooks and would like to go form Barclays to Revolut as we have a lot of dealing in europe.

We would need an integration with quickbooks though.




QBO integration would be also useful for us


We, too, are asking for integration with QuickBooks ASAP


Hi there @RevoMarkov

We’re working on it!

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