Pre-sales query about virtual cards and permissible transactions

Amazing that Revolut doesn’t like providing a direct means of contact for pre-sales queries, so I’m hoping someone here might know the answer to my query:

I need to make a purchase by phone for a subscription from a business in the US (I’m in the UK). Before I go loading money on to a virtual USD card, I want to check that i) the virtual card will have all of the informational details that a physical card would have (name, 16-digit number, expiry date and CVV number), and ii) that I can the card transactions by phone. Sounds simple enough, but I don’t want to take anything for granted.

Hey @SparkyBandit :slight_smile:

Pre-sales? Weird term for this kind of business :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
Anyway, :r: answers all pre-sales concerns through their social media, particularly through Twitter:

Yes, it does.

Apart from the fact that over-the-phone transactions are usually unrecommended, there should be no problem with that, as long as the merchant accepts prepaid cards :wink:
I have done it one time and it was smooth.

Additionally, you can sign-up for a free account without any monetary sale involved and get in touch directly with the in-app support team :wink:

Thanks - that pretty much answers my question. Over the phone isn’t my preferred method, but I’ll take it over having to post a money order!

When I went to set up the virtual card, Revolut wanted me to deposit £10, so I wanted to check before depositing. I did ask the support bot in the app, but it was totally useless - it didn’t even reply!

I didn’t think to ask on Twitter - I just went to the website, looked through the FAQs, looked for contact details etc. Only the mention of the forum gave any hint of where to get more answers.

Try to type live agent :wink: