Pounds base account but expect payment in euros

I have a base account in pounds sterlling but have also added the euro account option.

I am expecting a payment in euros, I am giving the IBAN and BIC associated with the account - are there ever any fees associated with having transfers in? Also the IBAN stars with GB for the UK… will I still get the payment in euros?

I am completely new to Revolut so wanted some advice.

to receive EUR from Europe use the “Local” IBAN on the EUR balance. the “International” IBAN on the GBP account is to receive GBP via SWIFT from places outside the UK.

If you don’t have an EUR balance on revolut, add one.

Revolut doesn’t charge you any fee.
Please make sure that currencies are the same and you’re using SEPA transfer.
Please check pricing in sender’s bank for SEPA transfers.
If you send EUR to EUR account you’ll get EUR even if account number starts with “GB” :wink:

Thanks for the reply! How will I know if they can do SEPA transfer? It’s from an organisation, I don’t have details about their bank. It seems like using my usual account might be more stright forward…

If it is bank from EU it has to have possibility to send EUR using SEPA transfer.