Potential new user - some questions

Hi there
I just got the email about the free card offer and thinking of using it. Firstly, can someone confirm that it’s a genuine offer? I’ve seen some posts indicating otherwise?

Onto the more important query. I want to use Revolut in place of an expense card I have. The expense card is not contactless and a real drag to use (no online access, charges for specific transactions etc.)

  1. I want to withdraw money at a bank and pay into Revolut - is this possible?

  2. What is the limit on contactless payments (per month)?

Assuming these are OK, I’m definitely signing up!

Hi. Firstly, what country of residence we talk about? Because I’ve saw a similar practice while living in Lebanon: cards which allow offline use only and if you want online they issue another card (for a fee, of course :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).

You can top up your Revolut account by a bank transfer (SEPA or SWIFT) or online using another bank card.

I don’t remember the limits for card spending exactly but I think is 2500€ per day with a max of 5000€ within 3 days.


Hey @Dharmesh :slight_smile:

It should be and you should be able to get a refund if it fails

You can’t physically deposit money to your :r: card :frowning:

Check the cardholder terms and the general terms:


That’s a pity - do you not get an account number and sort code that you can pay into?

You do get an account number and a sort code, but as far as I am informed (I might easily be wrong, I’m not very informed on the UK banking system) you won’t be able to deposit through an ATM :confused:

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Ahh right - I should have mentioned that I only want to use this for UK banking. I am based in the UK. Assuming then, that an over the counter deposit is out of the question too?

Yes, no ATM deposits and no over the counter deposits. However your account comes with a personal IBAN for GBP and EUR. You can then do a simple SEPA transfer into those.

Can you confirm if an over the counter transfer (UK) is possible?

Revolut has no office so basically you can’t top up your R account at their office.

You can sign an offline transfer (if it’s still possible in UK) to Revolut from another bank if you have an account at that bank too.

If you mean a cash transfer by Bank Giro Credit from a UK high street bank branch, no, it’s not possible as Revolut does not accept cash deposits, due to licensing provisions and money laundering regulations.

You can send an online Fast Payment from another UK bank. It will reach your Revolut account within a few hours. Or link a debit card/credit card to Revolut for instant transfers.