Postal code not accepted


Hello, I don’t know if this a bug or not, but I don’t think this should be happening. My postal code won’ get accepted. And yes, I’ve tried removing all special symbols and characters and that didn’t help.


Hey @Algir2kas :slight_smile:

Change 89213 to LT-89213 and it will be accepted :wink:


Hi there!

Have you tried to change it to LT-89213 as @Juliopp has suggested?


Yes, that works, thank you so much!


The same problem with Polish postal code (during requesting a physical card), but PL-81813 is not working (blank button ‘Continue’). No national signs in the address, tested with and without line 2.


Do we have any solution for the problem with Polish postal code? Neither xx-xxx nor xxxxx nor PL-xxxxx working


It worked with standard code (xxxxx) after logging out/back in and trying again. It was after a short discussion with somebody from Revolut on FB Messenger - maybe that’s the best way for the solution.