Possible fraud


I lost my phone along with my Revolut card and other bank cards on the 9th of July (2 days ago) my phone had my Revolut account on it, as well as my other banking apps. As soon as I was aware, I cancelled all my bank cards, and blocked my Revolut card over the phone as soon as I could. I have noticed a transfer has been made from my bank account to my Revolut. I need to get these funds back, but have no access to my Revolut app, and there isn’t a customer service number to call, what can I do?


If I remember rightly. It is possible to install the app on someone else’s phone. And although the number is different to yours. You can still obtain help through the app support feature even if not logged in. They have the power the send you a verification code via the app support even if not logged in. (Please note that they will ask you extensive questions that only you should know). Then they may send you the verification code. - Or you could try FB messenger or Twitter.


Revolut is hypersensitive to security. People complain that there card may be a little oversensitive. But it’s times like these. That you appreciate such a high level of security! They can dispatch a card to you asap. The app/phone is in your realm though.


Check FAQs for the procedure to get access with a ne phone number (“what happens if I lose my phone”).

You write that it is about a transfer from another bank account to Revolut. Isn’t your other bank the go-to place to help you with this non-authorized transfer then?


I’ve gone to that bank, but they say as it was transferred to an account in my name, they are not responsible, even though this transaction happened after I requested all of my services to be blocked.