Possibility to remove specific transactions or categories from the analytics

It would be nice to be able to personalize a bite more the analytcs: I’m mainly interested in analysing my typical spending behaviour and some times there are one off transaction who will skew compl6a month or a week.

For example, I would like to remove the ‘investment’ category in the statistics since it is not a regular spending.

A switch could improve even more a very useful tool.


I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for but in the latest beta there is a way to exclude specific transactions from analytics :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

You are actually right: this is already possible…bust last time I checked I did not noticed it.

Thanks an

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I know that this post is old but what I also urgently need is a way to exclude a certain amount of the total from analytics.
It happens to me quite often that I pay for my friends and they would pay be back in cash or just not through the split bill function. In that case, analytics is not accurately calculating my budget.
So a way to “split bill” for analytics reasons without actually having to split the bill through the Revolut function would be amazing.

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True, also transferring money from vault to account is considered as a spend which make everything bias.

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