Positive feedback


I love Revolut! It’s a brilliant concept and largely works very well for me. A few glitches here and there but all sorted out through customer support. And I never have had to wait too long either.

3 members of my family have also started using Revolut and all with positive experience. I love the APP and being able to top up instantly and transfer also very fast.

I realise that a few users have become disgruntled at their personal experience with Revolut. Which is all very well and good. Complain if necessary and hopefully get it sorted out but then if still dissatisfied then move on, for heavens sake! Instead you see a few disgruntled users populating this community with such negativity that they could be considered trolls. Yes, if you’ve had a bum deal then leave and move on. But for heavens sake your constant posting here is almost bordering on obsession! And it’s getting very tiring… :frowning:


Funny, but I didn’t mention any names. So the shoe must fit! I get the impression that we’re not getting the full story here. Stockholm syndrome? God, what melodrama…

If you’re dissatisfied with Revolut you have the option to report your grievance to the Financial Conduct Authority (https://www.fca.org.uk/) or indeed the Financial Ombudsman (http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/).

I suggest you devote your energy to these options, rather than spamming here all the time. And my advice is given with the best possible motivation. Good luck, Bon chance.


Funny it’s our choice on how to react as a customers, we expect and demand support of a certain level. Do not try to cast your pathetic knowledge or bully us when I expect u are a revolution employee yourself.
If you are so bored why are you reading all the forums is it because you have had such a good experience! BS


I assure you I am not. And no, it’s no ones right to be rude, arrogant or frankly a pain in the derrière.


Oui you have no right to comment on something you are not willing to review the available facts online for. That is very ignorant and rude of you.