Positive feedback about Revolut :)


I just want to say, so far so good. Everytime i top up money, it appears straight away without any problems. Also, im using Revolut for my Uber… no problems whatsoever :wink: . Once got declined once due to a shop fault as other shops are working properly. Customer service answers within minutes and 99 % problems are resolved. Nothing is perfect but im really happy with Revolut so far. I wanted to say something positive about the service as some people are moaning for little things. Revolut can only get better .Others can join me if they have good experience with Revolut ! Tnx :):smiley: .


I’ll join in!

Despite some bugs here and there :r: rocks and the old banks have little to compete with them. This is a young company, give them time to grow and develop and :r: as you say, can only get better!


Little things?? Don’t get me wrong I have been using Revolut for many months without issues, but the recent issue with money transfers disappearing impacting hundreds of customers are not to be classified as little things…some people have lost thousands or euros…too easy to wipe them of the table…


I have not been affected personally by the problem that many users are experiencing, with lots of money disappeared during transfer. Nevertheless my confidence in Revolut is under zero, I will never ever use it for any serious transaction. Just waiting for N26 to open in the UK…


It’s serious of course but i’m pretty amazed how people can put themselves in situations totally dependent on :r: , or any other financial company for that matter?

Always have a backup card or two, never put all your money in one single account with one single bank.

This way troubles will always be minimized, myself i have my regular bank here in Sweden, a CC from santander, revolut and ferratum bank aswell. 4 Different cards (unfortunately all of them are mastercard so a :r: VISA would be nice) with 4 different companies.


While I agree with you, I can see that Revolut’s marketing or how they talk about their services makes it easy to assume everything works like a regular bank while one should look at it with the mindset of an early adopter instead. The lack of curiosity to understand a very new and different product (or the assumption that the product is not different in the first place) then results in frustration.


Trust me I am not fully dependent on Revolut, but the way this is being handled is very disappointing and unprofessional…Unfortunately it also means that we still have to rely on the traditional bank institutions. Beside that it is also a matter of trust…the whole banking system is based on trust. Lose that and the system collapses…


Yeah… I mean a bank you can’t trust is useless. Add the fact that revolut can lock your account at will. And when it happens you’re left with a useless plastic card and you have no answer from the in app chat. My advice: don’t top up money you can’t afford to lose.