POS considers 'Visa Debit' card as 'Revolut'

At all the POS’ I use, the reader writes under ‘Transaction’ Revolut instead of Visa. This only happens with Visa though because I don’t have this problem with the Debit mastercard. I contacted them and they said the technical team is on it… We’ll see what it’ll give.

Can you explain why is it problem anyway? I have seen it this behaviour some time ago on some receipts. For me (as customer) - no problem.

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Does revolut have debit card now?

On my 3 card, it say prepaid card

Are you in the EEA or the UK ? Because since mid march every new card is a Debit card…

Except the Maestro card. It’s very disappointing how Maestro cards keep getting the short end of the stick. Revolut support explained there are no plans to change to debit Maestro cards as well. I didn’t even know there is such a thing as a prepaid debit Maestro card!

N26 does deliver a debit Maestro card but they don’t (plan to) support it on Apple Pay. Such a shame…

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Because it’s disgusting first of all and second of all, every major ‘serious’ bank shows the payment scheme (mastercard, visa,…) and not the name of the bank

Yes exactly, but then I personally think like : the places that accept a Maestro-only card offer an online POS so you would almost never have a problem somewhere they just accept maestro

You might think that and honestly I never had any issues paying with my Revolut Maestro and other prepaid debit cards in The Netherlands. But in Aruba for instance none of my Revolut prepaid debit cards are accepted.

I spend 4 to 6 winter months there, so that’s very inconvenient!

Owww yeah you might be right I had some problems with the ancients cards too (in the US)… but the new ones I ordered are all Debit so you should be fine on that

As soon as I realized the new (virtual) VISA cards are all debit cards, I ordered new ones as well. A nice touch is that I could trade in my regular virtual for a disposable virtual VISA card for free!

The banking system in Aruba is mostly based on legacy US banking systems. Very old fashioned, limited and expensive…

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Is there already experience about how the debit cards behave with offline terminals?

Yes, I had them and they show off as delayed transactions (parking meter in Europe was offline) but when it’s online it writes down revolut instead of visa (disgusting Lol)

That’s good to hear.

I think this is a TAG systems thing. My new Visa from another bank, card also from TAG, shows the bank’s name, too (which took me by surprise).

But I don’t really care. It says Visa on the card and that is all that matters to me.

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If it’s a TAG systems thing, why doesn’t the Mastercard show as ‘revolut’

Perhaps it’s a wrong input on the machine at TAG that prints the Visa cards? Perhaps it is a new Visa-specific PCI-requirement. Perhaps this will also come to new Mastercards. Perhaps I have none of the answers. Perhaps I am only a customer.

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Just go and work for Revolut’s FBI man you know way too much

Maybe I’m missing the point of this thread but what does it matter whether or shows Revolut or Visa? The payment will still have been processed by Visa if that’s what’s on the card.


You’re right, it doesn’t really matter. Some of my cards have my name there. Older Revolut cards had something generic and weird like “individualize” (can’t remember exactly) which was more like a placeholder that someone had forgotten to change.

It’s weird and not esthetic and not very professional…