Hi there I’m going to Portugal and Spain soon, any charges for use the ATMs? How much is the limit on ATMs abroad and what’s the limited charges for paying by crevolute card? Thanks guys

Buenas noches @Davidprieto1 :slight_smile:

The card is called Revolut and you can check the Fair Usage fees here:

Not by :r: if you’re within the Fair Usage limits. There’s a weekend FX surcharge if you’re converting money of 0.5%/1.0%/1.5%.
Remember to avoid/refuse any offered conversion and always choose to be charged in the local currency. For Spain and Portugal, :euro:euro.
Also, avoid BBVA and Santander while in Spain if you don’t want to pay a 1.87€/5.00€ fee for the withdrawal.

I’d also suggest you to read the FAQs, which are also available in Spanish among many other languages:


Thnks for your information, any bank to avoid in Portugal? thanks

Hi Davidprieto1,
be carefull with Euronet ATM. I believe this bank charges a fee for withdrawals. But all other banks you should be ok. No fees were ever charged for using the Revolut card on regular MB machines. Be sure to use those, called MULTIBANCO instead of EURONET. I only use Euronet if I need to change the PIN :slight_smile:

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