Poor customer service

feedback@revolut.com also doesn’t respond since almost 1 week!
What’s happening with this poor customer service of Revolut??

Should be much easier to get in touch with their support staff.

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Today was my second time interacting, or at least trying to interact with the Revolut support. As they’ve told you, they have told me that I will “soon” have my money back. It has been 7 hours since then. My whole pay is stuck in a canceled SEPA transaction. I’d attempted transferring my money to Kraken.com, which the application ALLOWED me to do, only to have the transaction infinitely pending now because they supposedly don’t allow transactions to Kraken.com, even though I was able to make it.

You should also know how I got to know of that my transaction got canceled. After an hour of the Instant SEPA transfer not having transferred my money, I decided to ask support for help. Then, after 15minutes of trying to figure out where the “support button” is, I opened a chat window with their robot, and in that chat window was a message waiting for me, informing me that my transacion was cancelled because they don’t want to trade with Kraken.com

I’d received no information, no anything, just a message which I myself proactively came to discover in the most convoluted part of Revout to reach, Revolut support. Revolut has rang no bells for my by itself.

due to way to complicated support system, we are moving on to another solution for now.