Poor customer service


I cannot access my accounts on the app and the live agent told me I was going to be contacted shortly . I’ve been waiting for over 2 hours and they are ignoring my messages. No phone number anywhere . Where can I get help and access my funds ? Please someone contact me !


Hi @Stecarpano,

As I can see your account is locked for security reasons!

Your chat has been escalated to our compliance team and a member of the team will reach you out soon.

We truly apologise if you experienced any inconvenience as a result of this but our compliance team must follow certain protocols to ensure the safety and security of all user’s account as well as our system.


Hello Andreas,

Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, I do understand your protocols but unfortunately I have been ignored from your customer services for hours, without any phone number I could call or anyone giving me any sort of response. I had to harass my Italian credit card customer service to have the 4 digit code that you asked for and I couldn’t access any of my funds. To say that the whole issue put me in a stressful situation is the least.

You should have an emergency help line that can address these sort of issues. I am deeply dissapointed with your customer service, considering that I signed up to your premium services as well, I was expecting more. In addition to that I provided clear explainations of the issue and proof of geniunity from my side, making the whole thing a lot more difficult for me.

Hopefully this will not happend again in the future and I am positive that you will improve your customer service after this issue.

Enjoy your weekend,

Stefano Carpano