Poor customer service resulting in lost business


I recommended Revolut to my barber a long time ago. He in turn has recommended it to lots of his customers, many of whom are high-spending frequent travellers, given that he works at a top establishment in central London.

But recently he had a problem with Revolut. He was trying to buy goods at a trade fair in London from a US supplier whose card terminal denominated the transaction in USD. He therefore exchanged GBP for USD 360 in the Revolut app and tried to buy the goods for exactly USD 360. The transaction was declined several times. He messaged Revolut support, who failed to understand that time was of the essence and didn’t respond quickly enough. Therefore he paid instead with his UK bank’s debit card at considerably increased cost with a poor GBP/USD rate. Eventually when Revolut support replied, they failed to address the issue, claiming incorrectly that he needed more than USD 360 for the transaction to succeed but failing to give a plausible reason as to why. He gave up trying to resolve the matter when he received the same useless response.

He understands that problems happen with any product, but what’s more important is the remedy to put right the problem. As a result of this poor support, he no longer wishes to use Revolut and he has stopped recommending Revolut to his high-spending frequent traveller customers. Does Revolut care about this loss of business caused by poor support?


Hi @NFH,

Thank you for this feedback.

I would like to review his chat history so that we can prevent this from happening again, and also address this issue.

I kindly ask you to send me a direct message so we can get in touch. I will need to locate his account.


Maybe the amount carried a small hold-up fee to the account so the 360 USD were’t sufficient anymore.

Please let Andreas know about the details so additional users can benefit from a possible solution.



The chat function STAFF take hours to reply back…They blocked my account simply because i had some refunds back from amazon…stuck in karachi now,i have to look for alternative card providers


Hi @mugheeth.

Please accept my apologies for the delay. An agent has responded and resolved your query. If you need further assistance just let me know.