Poll: Which top-up currency should we add next? 📊

  • CHF
  • CZK
  • AUD
  • HUF
  • JPY
  • PLN
  • HKD
  • CAD
  • SGD

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Hi, enri!

If I’m not mistaken, then LVL stands for Latvia currency. If it is so - they have euro since 2014 (January 1st).


Why not add controlled currencies that would give Revolut another great USP :+1:

Hi Martin,
Well spotted! : )

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Thai Baht would be great -THB


It looks like AUD (Australian Dollar) is missing from that poll…


We only added a sample of the most requested currencies - feel free to comment with your suggested currencies and we will take note of it! :slight_smile:

I know a lot of Nigerians that send money quite frequently and having the Nigerian currency Naira # would entice a lot of new users.


BTC - https://cex.io/


No actually. I mean genuine Nigerians who live abroad and would like to send money to their families and friends. Not all Nigerians are fraudsters. Don’t be ignorant. Just because you have minority who are idiots doesn’t mean there aren’t genuine ones too.


Card works well in Oz already. Used it several times last March/April.

Jep, there’s every year about 1,3 million backpackers who have the same problem- terrible bank fees while changing currencies, or using their money while overseas. That would be a great option.

@stmfly You can use the card in Oz, but AFAIK, you can not top up your Revolut account with AUD from an Australian bank

Oops! Delete that - this is about adding top-up currencies - apologies.

CAD - Canadian Dollers


HKD and SGD. Most of the locals and expats are well travelled and would love the app, plus PHP and INR for all the workers sending money back home


I’d very much love to top up in HKD.

Qatari Riyal QAR would be perfect for me

WOW! Im not quite sure why you thought this was funny or even passed through your mind! being of Nigerian decent myself i find this quite insulting and to my family who have been developing Abia state in Nigerian for decades with out government help. If this is the type of comments in this community i would prefer proper moderation and removal of such racial stereotyping.

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IDR - Indonesian Rupiah. There are a few people here who would love to sign up for Revolut but can’t yet. It would be worth considering from the point of view that there are quite a few forward thinking people residing here - digital nomads, global travellers and so on who get the revolutionary way of doing things.