Poll: Which top-up currency should we add next? πŸ“Š


:r: is working on being able to provide bank accounts on their own without the need for partner banks, @herold.martin. I guess that might be one of the reasons to temporarily stop trying to further expand the existing relations with partner banks that provide the currency accounts and waiting for the new, own accounts to develop. Just speculating though.


Where is HRK? Croatian currency


In Croatia :joy:
To be honest I am waiting for it almost a year…:sob:


Haha, I’m waiting for CZK :joy: My family and friends reject :r: without CZK top-up.


CZK !!! because without CZK top up is too expensive to use Revolut


INR deposit and bank transfer Please.


Would be nice to have HUF top-up in the next half year or this year :wink:


Please add XAF and XOF


it is available via card payment too, it has always have been


I have only bank transfer option for HUF top-up



You can top-up with your HUF based card your EUR account, but can’t top-up your HUF account. After that you could change your HUF to HRK or anything else you want with Revolut’s nearly middle exchange rates.


why would one has to convert his money to HUF again? Pay Revolut by your HUN (HUF) card, and if you have to you can always change it whatever you need.That’s it.Simple. Or just park there until you need foreigner money next time, be it weeks or months…


When you top up in EUR with a HUF card, the bank applies its own exchange rate, which usually is pretty bad. I had the same problem before, when RON wasn’t available as a top-up currency. If the transaction is HUF - HUF, there should be no fees/exchanges, but when it’s HUF - EUR, the Hungarian bank applies its own rate. :chart_with_downwards_trend:


yeah, but still a way better thane interbank transfer…which is much slower anywayz


Please add the Indian Rupee (INR) if possible!


HUF top up pls. Approx. 400k Hungarians are working abroad and could benefit from using the revolut cards and account.


Please add HUF asap


HUF is needed, we use Revolut in Hungary


BGN too! please otherwise unusable for local shopping…