Poll: Which top-up currency should we add next? πŸ“Š


@capital Fair point!


Anyone else for TWD?


Is very interesting in my opinion add Malaysian Ringgit MYR


CZK please! :slight_smile:


European CZK, HRK, and Asian TWD, SGD, THB, KRW please.


You have them already.

But not for base account nor top up.

Top up for non EEA will not be possible soon, nor to set as base currency as this is based on residency country.


I’m interested in base account and top up of course :wink:


HUF would be appreciated! :slight_smile:


HUF is already available for top up via bank transfer :wink:


Base accounts and top up in non EEA currencies won’t be possible soon, except USD for US residents (USD is accepted for top up now).

The base account is in the currency of your residency country. So even if R will launch in Singapore and will allow base SGD for example, you won’t be able to have it as bass currency but only as simple account to transfer and keep money in.

For example my base currency is RON even if I’d love to be USD, EUR or something else sometimes.


Yes and it incurs international transfer charges which defeats the purpose of Revolut. :frowning:
I’m talking about debit HUF top-ups.


Ah, I understand now. I meant by β€œbase account currency” the account where I can keep my money in that currency and be able to top-up via card in that currency without conversion.


Merci d’ajouter la monnaie local en ISRAEL


Hmmmm have you seen this?


Please put South Korean Won. That would be great


Saudi Arabian Riyal SAR Please


Why not Brazilian Real BRL

or maybe Argentinian Peso ARS


Still CZK would be very nice :slight_smile:


IDR, MYR, VND would be great


I see that @revolut stoped care about the currencies top up. No news, updates. This is not creating a very good picture of the service. I do really wait for top up in CZK in local currency. Without that is Revolut useless for daily use. @revolut why don’t you introduce a site with next currency development?