Poll: Which top-up currency should we add next? 📊


No it is not mandatory that the family in Burkina Faso has a Revolut account .
Just a bank account in a local bank in Burkina Faso will do the job.
For example for my situation I live in France and I want to put money in the account of my mother in Senegal.
If the XOF is added as base currency, when the conversion rate is advantageous I convert my euros to XOF and send the money to Senegal at the end of each month


XOF is indexed on EUR.
You can just convert in EUR and send your EUR to Senegal.
I’ve done it in the past with Revolut, no issue and no fee in Senegal.


Croatian Kuna please… HRK


Another vote/voice for HRK! A lot of business sense in that one, Croatia has a huge diaspora and a lot of permanent or semi-permanent migrants in other countries. Also a lot of tourists come here and could profit from having a HRK balance.


Please add support for INR in bank transfers


Please add Canadian Dollars for top up option.


It would be great to have CZK added as a top up currency.




I agree, please add CZK as a top up currency.


I’m not sure if it makes sense to ask for better support of the Czech Crown (HUF, BGN, CHF, etc.). Revolut probably does not consider it a priority to ensure the economic use of its product in all EEA countries. If you live in the Czech Republic and have income in CZK, it does not make sense to use Revolut as a basic payment instrument. Domestic banks, even a prepaid Cool Card, are cheaper.


I don’t live in the Czech Republic but still have account there and would like to have the possibility to transfer the money both ways.


KRW Korean Won would be fantastic!


You should add Croatian kuna (HRK)!


Saudi Arabian Riyals (SAR)

Philippine Peso (PHP)


I would really suggest to allow INR ₹ to be sent to Indian bank accounts. I earn in British Pound here in Uk say for example, I should be able to send money to India in INR. With revolut, it doesn’t show any INR while sending as bank transfer. Please help.


INR! One of the most remitted currencies in the world!


Saudi Arabian Riyal and Phillipono Peso


HRK is still missing as top up and bank transfer currency


Russian Ruble (RUB) would also be a welcome addition in my opinion :wink:


@c0stin I think they want to reach the Russian market ultimately, so they will probably open to Ruble.


Situation with global sanctions at the moment make it difficult for a financial services company to transact and hold RUB.