Poll: Which top-up currency should we add next? 📊


That’s interesting to know. My Maestro cards don’t have a XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX number at all. Does yours?

See for example this page, which says that “You cannot use your V PAY or Maestro card to make online payments. If you want to shop online, you will need a credit card or prepaid card […]” https://www.ubs.com/microsites/hilfe/en/debitcard/online-payment.html


Oh I see. So Swiss banks have decided not to issue Maestro crds for online purchases. Too bad.

Yes, my Maestro card has its own number and I have added 2 of those so far. I really don’t understand Swiss banks


A lot of co-badged Maestro cards in European countries don’t show the Maestro card number. Maestro is merely a fallback solution for abroad and when the local system is not available. In some countries, online shopping with Maestro is possible (similar to a Mastercard), but not everywhere. If ones Maestro works for online shopping, a top-up should be possible.


What about south american currencies? Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia… a bit of a big area to forget I guess.


excluding obvious existing data analytics (where revolut card is used a lot and has no ccy => Poland)

ideal currency to add is a small but rich country that travels a lot

by far the best one would be (with the current model)

  1. ILS (Israeli Shekel)
  2. PLN (they travel a lot and they are getting richer and they have a lot of revoluts)
  3. Scandies, Denmark, Norway (they still dont have EUR)
  4. RUBles (oh Russians travel a lot, and has a huge middle class)
  5. CHF

down the road
now China (if you get arround ccy restrictions) would be a jackpot but thats for later
i rather go India, because they disallowed cash payments makes easy cheap, easy to use cards on the rise (but i would charge them some extra fee, like 1 cent per transaction, cause their sums are smal)


Where have you been the last couple of days? :wink:

USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CAD, NZD, CHF, JPY, SEK, HKD, NOK, SGD, DKK, PLN, ZAR, ILS, TRY and RON are supported now.


Sorry where is HUF? On the wish list was in the top 10…


CZK also missing… Finally these days was indifferent whether you keep cash on the accounts in 0 interest rate world but there is some some interest on USD, TRY, ZAR. Revolut do we get some interest one day?


Well, since I bought EUR for example for 10000 CZK in April, sent it to Revolut and now I can only buy the goods in the Czech Republic at a price of 9485 CZK in the weekend, so I wonder if Revolut wallet is available in CZK.

This is a loss of purchasing power comparable to three years of Czech inflation :wink: This is not exactly the “zero interest rate world”. :frowning:


Did you miss that CZK floor was abandoned against EUR + Revolut charges 1% on the weekend? CZK is a strong currency…


CZK - the same - it was second but it is nowhere :frowning_face:


INR Indian Rupees, please add them next in the new update!!

Thank you.


The obvious missing currencies are now JPY, CAD and CZK. Other useful currencies would be BRL and THB. Although Revolut is no doubt already working hard to add RUB, I would also like to see UAH and BYN.


Personally I’d prefer first to have local bank accounts numbers for countries with no other way of free top-ups


Fully agree with Karol.


North Korean Kwon :smile:

but in all seriousness, THB would be great…


Still zero news about CZK and HUF. I guess Revolut is busy with crowdfunding, just read they work on free ATM and lately we got historical charts… Would be great to hear anything there are at least plans for new currencies…


I am going to be an ambassador for Revolut if INR is added


Still no news on HUF and CZK… sad :weary:


Actually there is! I just discovered that you can have HUF balance now so you can convert other currencies to HUF and pay in shops everywhere. This is a great start!