Poll: Which top-up currency should we add next? πŸ“Š


Stay tuned for updates:) Exciting things happening!


Thats great news AndreasK - summer season is coming so would be very nice to get this new currencies before it actually starts.


It’s been more than a year now since the first time (that I know of) you said CHF were coming β€œsoon”…


The time has come, stay tuned :upside_down:


Omg omg omg @AndreasK :smile:


There is still no a new version of Revolut to download


Just a little more patience…promise :slight_smile:


β€œSoon” means… in a few Hours ? Days ? Weeks ? Months ? :blush:


Very soon. May. Sneak preview here:


Cool !!! Thx Revolut ! I wait this function for months (year ?)


@edward May is over soon :wink: Any news on when we can expect 4.3 with Swiss Franc ?


@edward just announced that there will be an update today or tomorrow! :smile:
(source: Top up in other currencies (CHF, PLN, CZK, CAD, ...))


There was an article on a Romanian website (written after the CEO of Revolut was in Bucharest, Romania) which said that Revolut would be adding RON on the 15th of May. I can see that only PLN & CHF were added today. Any plans on adding RON in the near future? (maybe…this week? :D) @edward?


I’d also like to see RON :slight_smile:


Now that CHF and PLN are here (thanks a lot!), is it planned that each currency can be topped up through local bank accounts?

Transferring CHF from Switzerland to a UK IBAN is of course possible, but prone to create fees. Like this it’s a nice add-on, but not really ideal for permanent use.


One could use local debit cards to top up for free.


I agree. It kind of defeats the purpose that we have to pay a fee to top up. And as we’ve discussed in another topic, there is no Mastercard Debit or Visa Debit card in Switzerland. Only Maestro and bank-specific cards, none of which are not accepted by Revolut :-(. There are of course Mastercard and Visa Credit cards, but with these there is a fee to top up. @AndreasK, @edward?


Unfortunately, it appears that in Switzerland MC / VISA cards are not normally available. Different from Poland.


Yes, I see your point and it would be, of course, great for all customers in non-EUR-countries to have a free method for top-ups when MC/Visa debit cards are not very common. I am just skeptical that it would be more cost effective than a credit card top-up for Revolut and, then in return, for their customers. I am happy to be proven wrong here and I can definitely see it coming once Revolut becomes available worldwide.


Are you sure Maestro cards are not supported? I use my Belgian Maestro card with no problems to top up.