Poll: Which top-up currency should we add next? πŸ“Š


THB Thai baht would be useful for me as I could make the exchange ahead of my travels, and secure a good rate before arriving to destination


Please add INR as currency to send money


CHF is the only currency I am dreaming of.

You said a few times on Twitter that it is coming so I hope it won’t be too long.

I have many friends that are waiting for CHF before ordering their Revolut card (now it is too costly for Swiss resident to convert CHF to EUR then send to Revolut).


if u add PLN that will be great!


Would love CZK! If you will add, ill close 3 of my accounts in my bank next day))


You shall add Bitcoin !


You should add the Croatian Kuna (HRK).

Any timescales for expanding the number of currency accounts?

Please add Bangladesh Taka😊


I also support CHF. Services offered by Swiss banks are very expensive and I believe Revolut could have a huge market here.

Currently we can top-up using SEPA transfers, but conversion from CHF to EUR is done by Swiss banks using very unfavorable rates.


when the pool will be finished ?

add PLN!


My vote for PLN. Seems this currency is leading in pool anyway!


COP, SRD, BRL,DOP, VEF for travellers


Kaapverdie CV off course, the islands paradis of the Atlantic ocean.


Thanks Revolut for adding Bangladesh taka


Thumbs up for PLN! Big country, a lot of travelers. It will be a huge market for Revolut!


Yes! 200% :grinning:
INR would be awesome


any ETA for PLN currency upgrade?


Any news? :slight_smile:


Add $AUD pleaaaaaase !!! :slight_smile:


Any news about PLN or CHF ? :slightly_frowning_face: