Poll: Which top-up currency should we add next? πŸ“Š


I would be great to add RON - Romanian Leu. Currently I have to top up using EUR and I cannot make a RON bank transfer due to this limitation.


I am waiting for CHF. When I top up in EUR my bank has a horrible conversion rate.


@ickm I am sorry I have offended you with my comment. I was referring to the well-known internet meme of β€œNigerian Scam” the same way β€œFrench Fries”, or worse β€œFrench letter” is used.
I definitely understand that this kind of scam is not limited to Nigeria and neither does it represent the vast majority of Nigerian people.
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I would like to be able use RON (Romanian Leu) to top up my account, as the exchange rate for euro offered by my bank is not very good. Cheers!


Yes I would love to see CHF as well. If I can hold CHF on Revolut I would definitly use my card here in Switzerland.
The question is only if the account is held at Barclays in the UK we would have to pay some transfer charges to our local bank like when sending GBP. However EUR transfers are free but as Avalon said, the conversion rate is very unfavourable.


Definitely yes for CAD! :slight_smile:
I’ve some canadian dollars I need to convert but the rate to EUR is so bad that I don"t wanna pay exchange fees on top of that! :disappointed_relieved:


I like to see the Canadian dollar added.


New Zealand Dollars as I’m heading there soon-ish


I’d love to see chf, aud, cad, zar and rub.


RMB would be really useful to me


RON would be great. There are so many Romanians going to the UK or living and working there, and the exchange rates in Romania are miserable, so it would be great to be able to top up in RON.


ILS would be fantastic!!!


TRL, please! We go to Turkey twice a year to visit family and this would make Revolut so much more useful for us!


Add CHF with account in Switzerland and this would be my only credit card:).


HKD please! I’ll promote Revolut even more! :grin:


Adding CHF as a currency be useful for a lot of people working in Switzerland but living in France, Germany, Italy or Austria. More than 300000 people are in this situation ( https://www.letemps.ch/economie/2015/08/25/pres-300-000-frontaliers-suisse-un-nombre-hausse ) where they have a salary in CHF but most of the expenses in EUR. Having Revolut to be able to trade CHF to EUR cheaply would be a boon for them - and very good business for Revolut.


It would be great to hold currency in INR


I would like to see IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) and MYR (Malaysian Ringit) added but particularly want it to be possible for Indonesian and Malaysian people to be able to open Revolut accounts. So many Indonesians want to send money home to family.:smiley: Guess this must also apply to Filipinos. A second debit card per account would have obvious benefits. :sunglasses: Revolut may not be perfect but it’s way ahead of anything else I’ve tried. Thanks


New Zealand Dollar please (NZD)


Maybe add ZAR to the list? :upside_down: