Poll: Which top-up currency should we add next? πŸ“Š

If this is the case then Revolut should consider offering the ability to purchase and transfer (only) such currencies, as is the case with other financial institutions.

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Reading the currency guide, I wonder why Revolut has not added, among others, Saudi Arabian Riyals, as the Saudi forwards market is the most liquid in the ME region!

There are plenty of tradable liquid currencies that Revolut has not yet added. SAR is just one example. I would guess that QAR was particularly easy for some reason, which is why they added it such a long time ago.

If it is β€˜easy’ to add tradable liquid currencies (TLC) let’s hope Revolut adds more TLC to the fold as quickly as possible :roll_eyes:

I’m guessing the greater challenge for Revolut is opening bank accounts in a particular currency rather than the liquidity of the currency in the FX markets. This is probably down to whether Lloyds can offer an account to Revolut.

Perhaps Revolut should move business to Barclays then, no such problem there :smirk:

No such problem? Have you compared the currencies in which Barclays and Lloyds offer corporate accounts?

Both Barclays and Lloyds offer currency accounts for Saudi Arabian Riyals (example).

In addition Lloyds also offers accounts for Mexican Peso which Revolut is yet to provide?

So both Saudi Riyals and Mexican Peso are available through Lloyds but not through Revolut, it appears?

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Are we going to have BGN in the future ??? And when ??? :roll_eyes::thinking:


please add hungarian forints


How about top-up in NZD? It will be really worth.

Soooon! probably 2 years after Apple pay so…2025 :joy:


+1 for BGN.

Is there a way to add a poll here, so list of currencies is easily seen and sorted by number of votes?

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HUF now supported (for a while). Thank you!

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Thanks for supporting CZK. That was the main reason why I started to use Revolut.
I’d like to know which other new currencies is Revolut going to start supporting next… What about UAH? RSD? GEL? :slight_smile:

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Colombian Peso!!! COP :colombia: