Poll: Which top-up currency should we add next? πŸ“Š


Colombian Peso -COP- :colombia:


I’m too for BGN. Then I can start using Revolut also in Bulgaria.


Longing for TWD plz.


Mexican Peso :smiley:


Yes, I agree. I will visit Malaysia in the end of 2018.


BGN … come on … Still waiting …


I see lots of requests above for restricted currencies, e.g. IDR, MYR, PHP and TWD. Give up hope for any of these currencies being supported, as it’s very difficult even for offshore interbank traders to trade them except as non-deliverable forwards. HSBC published a guide a few years ago about this, a lot of which will still be current:

If the currency you want is restricted in any way, then there’s almost no chance of Revolut being allowed to support it.

BRL (Brazilian Real) no longer available?

South African Rand would be amazing! So many nomads working and living in this country with euro and rand salaries and payments. I would kill to have this all in one app!


ZAR is already available in the app.


Well, yes it’s there. But unfortunately there are unknown fees for transferring Rand to the account. Which is what would need to disappear…


BGN for the win!! :smiley: Come onnn :smiley:


PHP ! Come onnnn ! :slight_smile: .


Definitely ! !!!