Poll: Which top-up currency should we add next? πŸ“Š


Exchange rate graphs, for many weeks now. In fact, I don’t think they’ve ever worked at all.


you will have more luck summoning an interdimensional-interstellar creature for answering the above questions :joy: /joking/


I vote for HRK first, followed by BGN and then HUF.


I vote for all three, don’t be selfish.


I also want all three - I was just putting them in order of personal preference.

Note: I seem to have ended up with 2 usernames somehow, but I’m the same person who posted under β€˜Hevelius’ (will try to stick to using one from here on to avoid confusion!).


If you have 3 options and you want all of them then what’s that if not selfishness. If everyone pick all the options there is no step forward if you want to order by vote numbers.


Unfortunately, I do not see both BGN/HRK in the poll so I’m not sure if we are relevant :cry: and even if they are in the poll we will be way down in it :roll_eyes:


That’s why I explicitly stated them in order of preference.

As many have said, there is no way to select HRK or BGN in the poll, and everything else apart from HUF is already a base currency, so with nothing else left the only logical is to post here stating your explicit preferences, by priority.


HUF now seems to be added as a base currency! Since when did this take place?


Please add HUF top-up by card as highest prio, then later IBAN for HUF.
I want to leave the Hungarian banks without my money


HUF as base is available for more than a year or so now :slight_smile: but we cannot top up using huf yet


Pleeease HUF as soon as possible


Also BGN pleaseee :slight_smile:


BGN !!!:star_struck:


Pleeease MXN! :mexico:


PLEASE ADD IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). It is very important to have this currency as Indonesia is a very big country.



BGN! Right now it’s pretty annoying the double conversion. :sob::woozy_face:


HRK is long overdue!


I’m waiting for MXN :mexico: too. I’m currently in Mexico and might extend my stay for some months :joy:


BGN is way the over-overdue-est! :rofl: