Poll: Which top-up currency should we add next? ๐Ÿ“Š


Please add huf cc top up asap


Because than you would lose the need to have a Hungarian Bank (account+card). You could do your Hungarian domestic banking with Revolut. OK, with an IBAN would be it a full replacement, but still, leaving the Hungarian banking system with their high fees in the swamp would be priceless.


The last missing EEA currencies should be a priority: HRK, HUF, BGN and ISK.


I agree HRK, HUF, BGN top-ups!!!


Huf +++++++
It is Most important!


Hahaha, for you :rofl: Donโ€™t be selfish, and vote for HRK and BGN too :wink:


What I learned on Bali: Half of Europe is here. SO! The Indonesian Rupee are missing. Although the currency calculator had keyboard issues because he switches to ABC after 4-5 digits and 1โ‚ฌ = 16.800Rp. :stuck_out_tongue:


Dudes. Am I missing something?
Wasnโ€™t there Mexican Peso account available? Not for top up, but account (for spendings).
I remember it was. Dunno why :cry:

Good they have accounts for Qatari riyals and other useless currencies and not for MXN which is a high touristy area for Europeans :frowning:

TransferWise has accounts for MXN. I might use them for my 3 months Mexico expedition :frowning:


Yeah, youโ€™re right Alex, there was a MXN wallet at some point! I guess it just disappeared :smiley:


:point_right: BGN, HRK, HUF! :+1:


HUF :smiley: twenty twenty


If :r: want to complete the EU countries they have to do the last 2 ones - BGN, HRK! But probably :r: are just prioritizing the bigger marketsโ€ฆ


I think Revolut should concentrate on getting the app and existing currencies working properly before adding new ones.


It is Revolutโ€™s decision and right to prioritize bigger markets, but it is NOT ok for them to ignore threads/topics of users who keep asking whether adding HRK and BGN is in the pipeline or not for one full year!


sure, at least they have to give some answer if they are working on it or not (@AndreasK) , if not, users in these regions to search for alternative or something, as using it locally with double conversions is not my cup of tea! But I suppose the answer will be โ€œsoonโ€ like Apple Pay 2y-ish โ€œsoonโ€ :slight_smile:


Donโ€™t get your hopes up, I tried to inquire many times on this topic, nobody from Revolut ever replied or commented on this , shameful. Is it so difficult to say โ€œweโ€™re not planning it for the momentโ€, โ€œweโ€™re working on it and expect it to be available then and thenโ€?


Unfortunately youโ€™re right. One year ago they promised HRK โ€œwithin daysโ€, then they stopped answering. Letโ€™s try to summon @AndreasK (without big hope)


I already asked him many times and even wrote him a personal message, yet I was ignored.


Hey, what is it in the app that does ot work for you at the moment?


Let me help you: /summon @AndreasK