Polish IBAN


but it’s literally coming soon :wink:


Any news? :slight_smile:


“Coming soon” never means actual coming soon…


i see only soon… when PLN IBANS?


It is available now. Started today.


@AndreasK could you confirm if this is just for Polish residents? Not to be abrasive, but isn’t the whole point of Revolut, to connect all the different systems for everyone, without fees. Meanwhile giving me a bloody good account too. I should be able pay my bills in the UK while working in France and to transfer money to my friend in Japan, if needed. That’s the beauty of the concept of local accounts everywhere!

We got a banking licence 🎉

Thank you for that :slight_smile:


(not relevant anymore as the original @AndreasK’s post disappeared)

So I have your word @AndreasK that Revolut won’t exclude Swiss-based accounts this time, and we will also get local Polish accounts?


oficial info - https://www.facebook.com/RevolutPolska/photos/a.320342695417907/351736392278537/?type=3&theater


pretty dull announcement for such a milestone


Where do you see that it is available? Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a Polish IBAN yet. :frowning:


I have it when I am clicking sum of available zł (on the top of dashboard)->scroll down->“local” tab.


that’s a local account number, not a polish IBAN. IBAN is on the SWIFT tab and I believe it will still start with GB


No, IBAN is just International Bank Account Number https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Bank_Account_Number

These numbers start from PL if you want to send money from outside of Poland.


Thanks for sharing. I guess I can only get this if I am registered in Poland. I only have a GB IBAN. I was hoping that I can finally receive PLN without paying a fee.


AFAIK personal PLN account details should be available to all Revolut users (along with NOK) very soon (source being Revolut told me on Twitter!)


Soon as in Apple Pay soon? :smile:


No point crying over spilled milk. Polish account details actually save people money on SWIFT transfer fees. You can’t compare apples to oranges. PLN details are a necessity. Apple Pay is a luxury.


actually personal accounts or just the local accounts?


For PLN and NOK, it should be these. CHF is currently a local account but not personal, which sucks.