Polish IBAN



Do you know when exactly Polish IBANs will be available? The app is showing mysterious “coming soon”



Last known, detailed answer (now outdated) was: until the end of 2017. Now we don’t know… Maybe @AndreasK will tell us something more (but not like about HRK and Google/Apple Pay) :yum:


Same question about Romanian IBANs.


I think this is something that the banking license will make possible.


Not necessarily. But It makes sense of course to not invest a lot of time and money into building up something like this when the banking license is already under way.


What they are doing in Denmark is partnering with a Danish bank, maybe this is required in each country? However i think it is waaayy easier to find a bank to partner with when they have their license.


You need partners or subsidiaries that can issue local IBANs. It might not be easier as a bank, but why would you focus on something right now when parameters change in a relatively short time? You need to rewrite all the T&Cs and adjust all the regulatory stuff twice …


We are working on it :slight_smile:


I love it!
Revolut “coming soon” LTD :joy::rofl:


but it’s literally coming soon :wink:


Any news? :slight_smile:


“Coming soon” never means actual coming soon…


i see only soon… when PLN IBANS?


It is available now. Started today.


@AndreasK could you confirm if this is just for Polish residents? Not to be abrasive, but isn’t the whole point of Revolut, to connect all the different systems for everyone, without fees. Meanwhile giving me a bloody good account too. I should be able pay my bills in the UK while working in France and to transfer money to my friend in Japan, if needed. That’s the beauty of the concept of local accounts everywhere!

We got a banking licence 🎉

Thank you for that :slight_smile:


(not relevant anymore as the original @AndreasK’s post disappeared)

So I have your word @AndreasK that Revolut won’t exclude Swiss-based accounts this time, and we will also get local Polish accounts?


oficial info - https://www.facebook.com/RevolutPolska/photos/a.320342695417907/351736392278537/?type=3&theater


pretty dull announcement for such a milestone


Where do you see that it is available? Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a Polish IBAN yet. :frowning: