Poland: ATM withdraw and payment fees


Is anyone aware if there are any withdrawal or regular card payment fees in poland?

Thank you.

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You should be fine if you avoid Euronet.

For Euronet ATMs, there may be a charge for Revolut cards issued outside Poland (see below).

Euronet introduces charges for Curve and Revolut users in Poland

Unfortunately not only in Poland:(

And te most important- this fee is charged ONLY if you use MasterCard.

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Hi, I am also planning to visit Poland - which banks are Revolut friendly?


Hi there,

I am a Maltese citizen and I issued a Revolut Visa card from Malta. I have been using the card in Malta without any withdrawal fees at these banks: BOV (Bank of Valletta), HSBC Bank, APS Bank, BNF Bank and Lombard Bank.

No fees in Poland , but Avoid Euronet cash Machines as they will put their fee on top

Unless you have Revolut Visa card.
Using Revolut Visa card is free even in Euronet ATMs.

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Just avoid euronet ATMs

Is that true just in Poland or in other countries also? I have a Premium card which is M/C but a Basic card which is VISA. Ever since I got the Premium card I’ve never bothered putting the other card in my wallet but if this is true for Euronet in general it’s worth keeping.

I’ve tried it in Croatia- Visa- similarly to Poland- no fee.
MasterCard some fee (22 HRK if I remember well).
AFAIK it concerns countrys where Revolut’s MasterCard card is recognised as foreign.

Hint: I use my MC via GPay, and carrying Visa in my wallet :wink:


Thanks for that info

Tried 3 (Euronet, ING and Bank Polski) ATMs until I found one free: Santander. I have Visa card.