Pointless graph


A new version of the app seems to have been pushed to my phone. The account page now has a pointless graph taking up about 25% of screen estate at the top of it.
What is the graph for? What is it meant to represent? Why do I want it, how do I use it, and how do I turn it off?

(And why is Revolut wasting time on froth like this when it can’t get some fundamentals right?)


it’s your balance over time so you can know how it has evolved


is there an option to turn it off?


Is it? Doesn’t look quite like that to me. It seems to tell me my current balance is -£88, when I think it is £0.
Supposing it is that, why do I need to know that?
And how do I turn it off? Or least stop the inane jiggling around every time I go to that screen.

And why is adding this nonsense higher priority than fixing bugs, fixing the user guide and fixing support?


if you touch a point on the curve you can see date/amount… and move it to see the historic balance.

some people likes to see the balance at the end of each day and for some reason the :r: developers thought this would be a sexy way of presenting it

I doubt

probably there was a dedicated team working specifically in redesigning the UI and they delivered… this


One of the reasons I closed my Monzo account was because I couldn’t stand the graph.

Now it’s followed me to Revolut! And it’s twice as large :frowning:



twenty twenty


Have to agree. I’ve done one significant transfer in the month so it just looks like a heart beat that has flatlined after one spike. Would be good to have option to turn this off - as just taking up space.


Also, the graph seems to have replaced the menu of ledgers that was previously there, so that now instead of selecting the ledger, one has to paw randomly at the screen until the changes show you the ledger you are looking for.
Finding exchange rates seems to have become harder, too.
What user testing was done on this abomination, and what user tasks is it supposed to support better?


Lets get rid of the graph. It’s really annoying and pointless (for me).


Personally, I wouldn’t mind the graph IF it was a proper graph - with proper axes showing what’s the scale of things.

This goes for the rest of graphs in the app, too. Less pointless animation, minimize the redrawing (how is it even possible that every exchange graph seems to need at least 2 redraws?), remove the absurd smoothing, and ADD AXES.

Obligatory XKCD: https://www.xkcd.com/833/


A bunch of topics have been created addressing this issue. I highly doubt they will rollback this update, unfortunately. The graphic is hideous and the old interface was just beautiful, simple and intuitive. Revolut pretty much killed a great interface to deliver this nonsense. We’ll get used to it – I hope.


are you suggesting :r: doesn’t care about the feedback of the community?


They do, otherwise I wouldn’t even support them, but they have already rolled out another version and it didn’t fix this issue. I doubt they will go back to the old interface.

I’m a big fan of :r: but I really dislike this interface, we should at least be able to choose between the two of them.



The graph provides me no instant resource and makes using the Revolut slower.

Awful update.


I am also having problems with this. It makes it hard to read the transactions and balance which is the information i need. Is it possible to reinstall the previous version of the app?


Agreed about the graph. Takes up too much space on the main page and doesn’t bring any useful functionality. Please remove it in the next update


this is how others show the same graph.


Remove/hide the graph and make the balances bigger, make it efficient, please :slight_smile:

Graph like “Cashey”, second pic, a is good idea like this but not on main page (of course).


Dear Revolut!! Please make it optional!!! Optional! A checkbox in settings! The graph is hideous!