Pockets:- hit-or-miss

I have been trying to use Pockets for my regular expenses. The feature seems to be hit or miss type. Out of my 5 pockets, I have problem with 2 pockets often and these 2 pockets cover major portion of the expenses. This results in transaction getting declined. I notice that when the expense amount is changed, the funds are not getting deducted from Pockets.
Anyone else is facing similar issues with Pockets??

I love the concept, would be the ultimate to help me budget but they have quite a few issues.

Why can’t you select any outgoing as a recurring payment? Some of my outgoings don’t flag as recurring so can’t be added to a pocket. When I asked support they said I have to speak to the vendor to get them to change the payment type to recurring.

Some of my pockets seem to be totalling a ridiculous figure I’ve tried deleting and recreating them but it’s like it’s adding some multiple times in a month.

Please can you make improvements to pockets I really want to be able to put all my bills in there and have everything automate and not have to worry.

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Yes. The Pockets is one of the best features of Revolut. They can make it a killer feature. I hope Revolut will try to make it available to all and improve it further.

FYI: If you want to use one pocket but you are planing to add payments in different currencies to it… that ain’t work :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Let alone the different currencies. Even when the direct debit amount is changed, the Pocket doesn’t work. :roll_eyes:

Yeah would be cool if I could just add any payment as something that will be pulled from the pocket in future. I have a few repeating payments (with the same amount!) that are not selectable for any of my pockets :-/

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I also find it very frustrating that you can’t instruct or teach the app which payments are recurring… Pockets has the potential to be such a killer feature, but there’s little things like this that really hold it back from reaching its potential.

Another issue is that if you have pockets in multiple currencies (e.g. GBP and USD), but you only hold cash in one currecny (e.g. GBP), the pockets for the other currency (e.g. USD) will not get funded on the set funding date because there is no cash available in that currency… Why not just do the exact same thing you do when there are transactions in currencies where there is no available cash and just auto-exchange at the time of execution? At least, give us the option of having Pockets do this for us. Without this, I either have to keep manually topping up my USD account every month just so that the USD Pockets will get funded on the funding date… If I don’t do this, they don’t get funded, which means the recurring payments for them just come out of my GBP account with an auto-exchange. The whole point of Pockets is to automate away all the recurring stuff and let the app manage it, and the lack of the auto-exchange for the funding of Pockets is preventing it from delivering on this.

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