PLN IBANS due soon?


Hi there
When will PLN unique IBANS be coming in approximately?
i.e. next week/month/year?
The Lloyds PLN account with reference number for transfer is pretty pointless as e.g. MBK Poland don’t even have a reference number when you transfer money.


There should be a description form field. When you pay an invoice, where do you put the invoice number? Where do you write what a transfer is for? That’s where ther reference number goes.


I used that but still waiting on the money (2 days)
Millenet responded saying to write the reference number in the description transfer field but they do not have reference numbers so am taking a gamble


That should be totally fine.

(Reference is just a technical term. The SEPA data model has a field called “end to end reference”, and this is meant to be a text that is not altered during transfers. It stays the same from “end to end”. It is an alternative field to “description”. Both work the same with Revolut.)


Thanks Frank. The money arrived safely - you were correct.