Please support all latin characters when registring names


When making wire transfers, many services enforce strict name and first name verification of the wire transfer issuer’s.

In my case, I am restricted in the of use revolut because my First name is Laël. Using Lael as issuer doesn t match.

In order to fix this I would need to be able to create a Revolut account with Laël as First name.

Please allow to contact without requiring to create an account

Hello @ytrezq,

Thank you for letting us know. We’ll investigate this further and come up with a solution.


Andreas K


I agree. Why doesn’t Revolut support Unicode? For example, why can’t a user have a name in the Cyrillic alphabet?


I am not saying we should support Unicode but at least things like iso8859
15 or cp850 in order to allow only the latin Alphabet (which I think is
what the restriction currently want to enforce) while allowing the range of
characters used in many western languages. Especially in Espagñol names.


still no solution for this? I still cannot register.