Please someone help me


So I put £50.00 into my account. I Realised I wasn’t getting my card delivered on time for my holiday so I sent my money bank into my bank account and received my money back an hour later. It said for a few days the £50 transaction was pending still in my bank waiting to go into revolut account. But the next day they took out my £50.00. I’ve already cancelled my revolut account and now they’ve taken my £50??? please someone help me


the main question would be why you send £50 before checking when your card would have been delivered? second why you have closed the card before receiving the money back?

third i would suggest to contact customer service on facebook or twitter


Im all new to this I wasn’t sure how it worked, I had to put money in the account to order a card first, thinking I was getting the fast delivery option realising I’ve done the wrong delivery. I closed it thinking I didn’t need it as i received all my cash


I was chatting to someone on the live app chat and they said they can cancel it straight away and I can’t make another account for 5 years ?


Im just waiting for a response now on fb, Thankyou I hope they do. It was impossible trying to phone them up asking me to dial my number which never worked?


Oh I hope so, I just know now not to do this again because I never have a clue what Im doing

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