Please reverse the transaction!

Hello, @anon71086934, @anon33247966

Could you please help reverse an incoming transaction to my Revolut?

I’ve withdrawn some funds from Coinbase to my Revolut and the transaction is Pending as I reached my annual top-up limit! I’ve tried contacting the support but they are not responding; Got the 96h waiting message but it has been more than 144h now and I desperately need access to these funds!

I don’t have “payment slips” to upload so if you could just reverse the transaction so that I can have back my funds in Coinbase would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!

Hey Gesalis

You do not need any pay slips. You can see other documents that you can submit. There is a section explaining what documents you need pertaining to cryptocurrencies

Revolut should be able to revert the transaction to the source if one does not want to verify the source of funds, though.

Hi @henrikbjorn,

Thanks so much for the quick reply!

If you could have someone revert the transaction asap it would be highly appreciated!

Will deal with increasing the limits later but for now I need the transaction reversed asap please!

Thanks so much?

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We are both just users here. Only support can help you here. Contacting them via Twitter might speed things up.

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