Please provide a web app

Still is a “workaround” to access to your money…
It even makes me more concerned if you even aren’t asked for a second level of security which (if relay in SIM card) for a text messge that you may not able to get because you are too far to het a new SIM…
I like to use Revolut and all the features such as the Vaults but relying all that only to my phone which can happen whatever… Then I start to be really concerned for still need to explain something that for my humble opinion seems obvious.

You need the pin for your account together with the sms to login. Which would be the same for a web interface.

Running an Android emulator on a desktop computer sounds like a usability level far below the one known from old-school banks. The idea would be to make things better not worse…

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As a backup you can use if you loose your phone it is fine.

Hi AndreasK, can you give us some updates on this web-app development?


Yes defo, and with the open banking rules pushing things forward we should see some really useful facilities being built. I for one need a web app so I can export easily my statements. It would be ace if I could fix the categories for Analytics and manually move payments that are incorrect. For instance, many petrol stations are also supermarkets. So it would help if I could decide and move payments around. Not because i’m OCD, but because sometimes I am spending money on behalf of other people and if a payment gets flagged at Fuel i miss it

yes, please provide a web app. i find it difficult to do everything on my phone, a web app would be much more convenient and faster.


No updates and two years have passed. This feels quite ridiculous, as all of Revolut’s main competitors and most banks also have web-based access for their users.


Actually, most of the competitors also do not have web access as it is harder to provide strong security than the mobile app. Curve, Monzo, Monese, Boon do not have, only N26 have.

Revut has web access, but just for business accounts /user. So there shouldn’t be a big problem to port it over for standard accounts. It probably just has very low priority.

Also transferwise +Fidor has web access :smile:

And also Transferwise has it :wink:

It’s so inconvenient. It would be very easy to provide security for a Web app based on two-factor identification, either SMS or standard 2FA.


Fully agree!!!
I also miss a Web app Option as top up and Support request matters.
Longer Support communications can be a pain doing those in a Smartphone.

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So true! We nees this!!

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