Please provide a web app


Hi guys!

Thank you so much for your feedback.

We do understand the importance & the convenience of having a web surface. Rest assured it’s on the table and we’re as keen as you are to build it however, it’s hard for us to provide an ETA at the moment.


Could you please let me know how you open a Revolut account it is for the Chairman of the Company.


Totally understand, as a developer.
Though, please consider the option to release desktop apps, instead of web ones. It should give you less of a headache about security, and you will perhaps be able to reuse a big portion of the (very good) Android app you have!


Desktop app means coding for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. There are ways to reduce the problem, but it will just end-up being a webview like Slack does :slight_smile:

Anyway, +1 on the web-app/desktop-app/whatever-app, just something more than just the phone :smiley:


Yeah, second this. I recently lost my phone and without a web app I was left with no way to manage my revolut account. Would love to make Revolut my main bank account but without basic features such as a web app that’s really not feasible. So keep up the good work and looking forward to a web app soon (hopefully).


Funny thing is: Business users want a mobile app, and Personal users want a web app :thinking:

Maybe once both products are more mature (especially the web app :roll_eyes:) they will deploy them for both business and personal accounts.



If there was a web app, would this finally relieve the reliance on having to own a phone with Android or iOS? I am prevented from using Revolut for this reason; I have no intention of switching mobile OS just for this.

I make regular bank transfers with Transferwise for an off-shore mortgage with Transferwise, which has been a good service. It appears Revolut would be even cheaper during the week, but the above requirement is just a red line.


Please-please provide a web app! Thank you!


Guys, here’s the thing, I will not be promoting the Revolut card until you give me web access to my account. You have been promising to do this since the end of 2016, it’s time to stop prevaricating and deliver. Please.


I agree, this needs a desktop version. Mobile-first is great, but mobile-only is nonsense.

I keep checking Revolut every other month, but I’m not using it because of it. It just isn’t practical.

EDIT: but why then? Why is a desktop version handy?

  • Not everyone likes using a small touchscreen in place of a big computer screen and keyboard.
  • Typing in IBAN and the like on mobile sucks. Faster/easier to copy-paste on the computer.
  • Having to reach out for the phone when you’re in the middle of some work on desktop makes for a poor user experience.

I’m sure we can find more reasons.


You can use the app through an emulator until they release a web or desktop version. I use


Totally agree.
2 years after this idea, we are still waiting.


Hi @AndreasK
The last update about this common concern (access to our account due no phone/SIM) was November last year and the thread started 2 years ago.
Honestly at this pace for this particular feature starts to seem lack of respect… But I believe that’s not the case.

Please just let us know if this will be implemented and when so that people can decide other options. For myself this is a particular issue of concern and after looking all discussed during 2 Years not only in this thread… Then I must start to think that something is wrong… Waiting for your enthusiastic reply.


As a workaround you can get an Android emulator such as BlueStacks or Nox App Player, which will give you access to Revolut from a desktop. Just make sure you log into it before you loose your Phone.


There is already a webpage for business users, right? Why can’t they just modify it for ordinary users? Ridiculous. This thread was started two years ago!


That is not how software development works.

They are most likely using different backend services in order to separate their Business accounts from ordinary accounts.


Sorry, i stick to “ridiculous”.

We are just asking for a simple web page to lock/unlock account/cards when your phone and cards are stolen or lost. Can you really install the app on multiple devices (e.g. work phone, tablet, etc.?) at the same time?


Yes you can…


Yes, as Tony says. You are basically just logging into another web service. The difference is that the interface is a mobile app. So just as you can log into Facebook on multiple devices.


Well, I’ve been using Revolut as my main account for some time, and not having a web UI was one of the main reasons for switching to some other bank. It just doesn’t work for me this way…