Please help regarding PayPal withdrawal

I withdrew funds from PayPal to Revolut account. I’m based in U.K. so didn’t think this would be an issue.

I recieved an email from PayPal saying Revolut could not accept the payment and to contact them because they did not bounce the payment back.

Please can someone help it is a lot of money for me.

Did you link your local GBP account? Paying out to cards does not work as far as I know.

Also keep in mind that for paying via Paypal, you need to link the card, because GBP accounts do not support diced debit yet.

I linked the GBP account yea. I’m more concerned about why Revolut haven’t bounced back the money tbh…

Only posting here because there is over 2 hours wait in the app support and twitter directed me to the app chat as well. I will nervously wait.

You might want to search this forum and get in touch with users that were able to withdraw funds to their UK Revolut account. I remember having red about it here.

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It appears that there is an absolute sh*t show going on about Revolut taking responsibility for bouncing back money. I’m very concerned.

Did you exceed yearly to up limit ?
I would contact :r: in app support chat.
I withdrew many times from Paypal to Revolut-took around 24hrs to reach account.
I’m UK based aswell :slight_smile:

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Yes mate they are taking forever to respond. The initial £0.01 from PayPal to check my account went in fine but for some reason Revolut are not taking £140 or bouncing it back. I’m nowhere near my limit. :neutral_face:

Surely PayPal aren’t lying to me about the Payment being received. This is very strange. I’m going to contact the financial ombudsman if I don’t get a better update tomorrow and after speaking to PayPal again. Someone is responsible for money being in limbo and passing the buck is just unprofessional from either party.

The last text snippet of your screenshot (the Email from Paypal?) is talking about funding.

Revolut --> Paypal

(and not Paypal --> Revolut)


Since Revolut does not support direct debit yet for GBP accounts, you need to fund Paypal via the Revolt card. This is what I was mentioning earlier :wink:

Yea I get that but PayPal is saying they couldn’t put the money into Revolut so I can’t send anything back, card or otherwise.

“Thank you for contacting PayPal regarding your concern, my name is Joyce and I am pleased to help you.

I understand this matter concerns you and I am much willing to assist you. I have thoroughly checked that the email you have just received from us regarding your bank declines PayPal funded payments was an error, please know that this is not the experience we want you to have here in PayPal.

Nothing to worry, I can confirm that your pending withdrawal transaction for £140.00 GBP will be posted to your bank account on the 4th of May.

Bank withdrawals takes up to 72 hours to complete. We use Automated Clearing House system to process electronics bank transfers because it’s secure and for free. I am afraid that we cannot expedite the process.

Keeping the PayPal environment secure is always our utmost concern so we try to identify patterns that don’t match your usual activity. Many banks and credit card companies work this way too.

I humbly ask for your extended patience and understanding.”

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: wow…just wow.

Sorry Revolut lol

Regular bank transfers from Paypal to Revolut should work. As long as you’re using the account details as shown under local.

I suggest once more to search this forum and contact users directly that use Revolut and Paypal in the UK and discuss with them how they set it up.

The details you postet here don’t seem to tell a consistent story. Because Revolut’s support chat suggests that Paypal said they know that a transfer already wasn’t accepted by Revolut but won’t bounce back (and support is right, that’s just not how bank transfers work, there is no back and forth communication between sender and receiver.)

And then there is the other text snippet that you posted where someone else says Revolut won’t release the funds and you should use the card instead, and that is also true, but something completely different.

The only problem I now can imagine is that you tried a direct debit, Paypal noticed that the account does not support this and blocked all transactions for this account, also outgoing transfers.

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No I didn’t try a direct debit PayPal are clearly just incompetent morons and giving me stupid emails. Thanks for your help though!

Check out what PayPal emailed me lol