Please help me. My account is blocked.


HI. I have a problem. I was locked in a revolut account. I charged my acount my debit card and debit card my wife. And that’s why my account has been blocked tonight. I did not know I could not do that. What can I do to unlock my acount? Please help me. I have seen similar cases in the forum. But I did not see the solution.


Hey @Marjan1055 :slight_smile:

The solution is, esentially, waiting, asking @AndreasK, @jessicaszabla, heading to :bird: Twitter or :blue_book: Facebook :wink:

My account is locked, can't access money
Bloked account
My account is blocked anyone can help?

Hi there!

Apologies for this inconvenience caused.

It looks like we’ve managed to get in touch with you to discuss the issue now. Please do contact us with any further queries you might have.


Help with my blocked account please


We’ve unlocked your account :slight_smile:



My account also appears to be blocked. In app chat doesn’t seem to be responding. What is the best way to contact you @AndreasK?

Kind Regards



Hi @AlexHarvey. Oleh from our compliance team has helped you to unlock your account.