PLEASE HELP ! i don't received the code !

Hi someone can help me please?

i want to upload the application but i don’t received the code !
I did it a many time but still nothing…

You mean you want to install it? Android or iOS?

Yep, IOS…

In that case simply install it from Apple’s store

Hi Alessandro,
I did it already… 4 times… install and delete install delete … and i also restart the phone
but i still never received the code
what can i do more? can you do something ?

So the installation is not the problem but the verification of your phone number? Which country is that number from?

+33 should be fine. I’d recommend to remove the number though as this is a public forum.

I guess @AndreasK will be able to help you with that issue later today.

Hi @AndreasK ! how r u ? can u please help me :slight_smile:

Hi Sophie! I’m good. Thanks for asking :slight_smile: Could you please send me a direct message?