Please help access app - new phone number


i am in a new country with new phone number and I had to delete the app and get it again, now i can’t get into the app because i don’t have access to the original phone number. please help me access the account.


Exactly the problem I have had. The team have been offering to help but I can’t understand why there is not a clear solution to this. Must be a relatively common issue.


@AndreasK :thinking:


Hi there.

Go to the ‘More’ section of our app, tap ‘Profile’ and then ‘Personal details’. You can edit your mobile number here. Then, you should log out via the bottom of the ‘Profile’ page and log back in with your new number to verify it.

If you cannot access the app as you need a 6-digit verification code message, please attempt to log in with your old mobile number and then select the option ‘I haven’t Received Code’ to speak to our in-app support.

However, if you’re still having an issue please let me know.

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Hi Andreas,

I am unable to access my account due to a new phone and number and no access to my old number therefore I cannot enter the 6 digit code to access my old account. I am panicking! But hoping you can help.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Andreas, hello everyone,

I am in the same case: I am in Brasil for 2 weeks, the app was working fine until today. But I don’t know why, today the app disconnected and then asked me my phone number (so I wrote my usual phone number, which is a french number) but I am not able to receive the sms with the code, because this number is not working here…

So I tried to put the brasilian number i am using in that phone, and i received the 6 digit code. But: then the app inscribed me as a new user (it asked me my postal adress etc.) and tells me i have 0€ on my account (I understand at that step that I have a new account?)

So i can’t access to my old account with my french number… :frowning:

Could you help me please?


Yes, your phone number is your account log-in. You need to log in with your old number and then follow this step:


Do not panik, just read what was written one post before your’s :slight_smile:


Thanks @Frank,

Actually i tried to connect with my old number, and i spoke to Martin, from Revolut team, who asked me: full name, adress, date of birth and last top up amount. I gave him these informations, but after a time, the app log out from the chat and anything happened new for me…

Do i have to do it again?


ok, RESOLVED, i spoke to an other live agent who gave me the 6 digit code by chat. All is fine.