Please give my money back.

I just signed up to Revolut assuming that the physical card would be delivered for free. quite annoyingly, it isn’t. Now I have £10 sitting on a virtual card that I no longer want to/can use.
i cannot send my money back to my bank account as it requires my ID. I’m not going to give you any more of my personal data. If you are able to accept money that easily without the use of my ID, you can just as easily let me send it back to my bank. This is an absolute disgrace and is practically stealing money if i’m not able to get my money back.

Hello @sdunne :slight_smile:

:r: follows e-money regulations and anti-laundering regulations, as any other kind of entity dealing with people’s money. Therefore, being asked for an ID is something normal and to be expected.

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Yes we are laundering money 10 quid at a time. How about we start using some common sense.

Yes, financial entities are issuing debit cards to people that refuse to provide a proper ID. How about we start using some common sense.


Common sense starts when 10 quid is not called money laundering. Absurdity of the highest order.

The same way getting checked for posession of drugs in an airport is not an accusation of “drug trafficking”, getting your ID verified before issuing you a card is not an accusation of “money laundering”, but essential, common sense, @Povilas.

Nobody said £10 is called money laundering. That’s the name of the directive and it applies to any quantity at all, regardless of your consideration of which amount you consider worthy of being laundered.


Thanks @Juliopp,

Nobody is accusing you @Povilas of money laundering. The law of the United Kingdom requires you to provide an ID with / for financial transactions.

Did you expect to use financial service, here it is a card (even a virtual one) without any proof of identification ? I guess not.
As Julio pointed out, there is no difference whether you want to send 1 € or 1 trillion €, without an ID you are not allowed to do so. KYC is an important security measure even for small amounts. Simply because many times a small amount is also one big amount :wink:



Hi @sdunne

Massive apologies for any issues you’ve faced! However, you will need to verify your account so that you can transfer funds out of your Revolut account. Please reach out via in-app support team so that we can help out.