Please fix the SEPA TRANSFER issue.


Sorry I still don’t get it. I am new to Revolut.

  • The BIC was changed from REVOGB2L to REVOGB21 recently and my bank failed to update their system?
  • The correct BIC always was REVOGB21 but suddenly a wrong BIC was published (and later corrected) in the SWIFT database. By Revolut? So this can happen again?
  • How can I make sure my bank uses the correct BIC now and in the future? Trial and error (€30 per failed transaction)?

Where is an official statement from Revolut that we can forward to our bank?


Usually, your bank show’s you the BIC that was deprived from the IBAN before confirming the transfer (all my banks do). So you can at least double check if the correct BIC is shown. (REVOGB21 always was the correct BIC, as shown in the app.)


I have the same problem - sned money on 31.01.2018, the transfer status has changed to “Success” on 02.02.2018, but still no sign of my money. Revolut most certainly can not publish anything on their own in SWIFT database. There is a chance that neither Revolut is to blame nor the banks. Most probably the problem is within SEPA transfer system. If there is some wrong information SEPA should reject the transfer, but SEPA accepted it. In between Revolut and Banks stay SEPA, but we can’t address our prablem directly to SEPA…


@Frank I think that your problem was different, this is why you have your money back so fast. The error you have is “the receiver’s bank can only be reached via SEPA” this indicates that your German bank does not send the money via SEPA system at all…


The database administrator of SEPA got fired or not yet.
I would guess the Revolut lawyers advised support to take the 5th.
Thanks guys


Of course does my bank send EUR payments via SEPA. It’s the standard for all EUR transfers here. This wasn’t the first time I was topping up my Revolut card from this bank account via SEPA transfer :wink:

Since SEPA replaced domestic national transfers, SEPA is the only standard for regular transfers here for me.

I believe the response I got is kind of a generic error message that does not reflect the actual problem.


Someone call them I cant call 0800 numbers and let us know


Don’t always expect immediate results – some complaints may take time to investigate properly and resolve. And depending on what you’re complaining about, the business may have up to eight weeks to sort out the complaint itself.

FYI. From the Ombudsman website. It’s probably too early for that route.


Can someone call them ?


My test €50 SEPA transfer to Revolut from Sparkasse was returned after 9 days, €13 fees deducted. ‘No possible payment to this bank’

How will I find out that the system finally works?


I did 4 transfers from €0,01 on 2 februari which all arrivee the same day


One indication can be the BIC the bank is depriving from the IBAN. If it is the right one, it should work. It did for me.


Bottom line if anyone sees a REVOGB2L in the transfer BIC its screwed up.Some applications like the one I have from SLSP SLOVAKIA you either repeat a previous payment or send a payment by IBAN only so you cant help it if REVOGB21 changes to REVOGB2L.Do a test transfer of 0.01 and then check the bic used if you see REVOGB2L being derived you are in trouble.Do not send any transfers to REVOGB2L.


The official response from Revolut
In preparation for launching a feature pertaining to our current accounts, Revolut has been working closely with both banks and SWIFT (the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications), making all the necessary tests before we release this feature.

For the purpose of running these tests, we made a temporary update to a SWIFT table. This is essentially a spreadsheet containing Bank Identifier Codes, or BICs, as well as other details which allow the banks to find Revolut accounts whenever our users choose to top up via bank transfer

Updating SWIFT tables is a normal banking operation that generally doesn’t affect the end users or their accounts, since these tables are sent to all the banks in the SWIFT system and the details our updated automatically on a daily basis. It works similar to switching bank accounts, where all your direct debits are automatically linked to the new account details.

So what went wrong?

Soon after the table was updated, we noticed a pattern of unusual activity. Some users weren’t able to make bank transfers into their Revolut accounts as their money would simply bounce back - a sign that something was wrong.

  1. We contacted SWIFT and changed the BIC code back to the original one, which drastically limited the number of users being affected.

  2. We created an action group to identify which banks were having issues processing transfers to Revolut, established a way to contact them, and began the process.

  3. We informed our customer services teams and devised a plan to deal with the ongoing issue.

Because we acted quickly, we were able to contain the issue, limiting its impact to a subset of the users attempting to make SEPA transfers from a bank account to their Revolut account.

Unfortunately, some banks have been slow at updating their tables, which means they still have the wrong details for our accounts. These banks do not update their tables daily, but rather monthly, which is why some users may still have issues topping up via bank transfer until the end of the month.

I’ve been affected. What should I do?

We are currently working with these banks to update the relevant codes and we’re actively monitoring transfers to help resolve the issue for everyone. Until this is fully dealt with, this is what you need to do to ensure you won’t be affected:

  1. Top-up via card to avoid bank transfer top-ups wherever possible.

  2. If you do need to top-up via bank transfer, please ask your bank to make a SEPA Credit Transfer to your Revolut account and ensure you are using the correct bank details. The correct BIC, as shown in the app, is REVOGB21.

  3. If you’ve already made a transfer which hasn’t reached your Revolut account yet, please ask your bank what’s going on. If they cannot make the transfer, you should ask for them to revert it, placing the funds back into your account.

Registered Office: 9th Floor 107 Cheapside, London, EC2V 6DN, United Kingdom. Main Office: Level39 Tech Hub, 1 Canada Square, London, E14 5AB, United Kingdom. Revolut Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011, Firm Reference 900562.


Why did you copy and paste what we all already saw in the app?


@yongeneglinton All? At least not me. Where in the app is this displayed?
@Primetech Thanks for posting Revolut’s statement

Funny that after > two weeks they finally have a(n) explanation/story. Why was this not published immediately? “Soon after the table was updated, we noticed a pattern of unusual activity.” This is ridiculous. People still waiting for their money, others have to wait to get their fees refunded.


Only those affected I pressumed got the statement not the rest as you saw below and everyone deserves to see the statement.Basically Revolut doesn’t apologize because it is the banks fault that update this database monthly instead of daily that is what I got from all this mess.I am sure dozens of European banks might not feel happy about it as it is bad publicity for them


It is also publicly available on their Medium blog.

Edit: sorry about this, the post wasn’t published on the publicly on the Medium platform.


I can’t find it. Do you have a link that I can forward to my bank?