Please fix CZK currency conversion



I know there were already some similar problem with CZK and some were fixed, but obviously not everything.

My main currency is CHF (amount 0CHF), I also have EUR (100€) and CZK (1000CZK =39EUR). I’ve made a payment on the Internet in USD, so to follow the rule it should take CHF (but I don’t have any), so then take from the biggest amount first, but it took the CZK. I know 1000 is higher than 100 but if you convert them I have more EUR. Why it didn’t take the EUR then?

So please fix this little issue :slight_smile:
Thx a lot

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While I’ve also read on this forum that the 3rd attempt should be on the biggest balance, the FAQ currently states it will take from “the next active currency with a sufficient balance”

If that’s the case, the order could be different from the balance values. It could be alphabetical, date of creation in your account, or anything else (maybe they try main currencies first, like EUR/USD/GBP)

Maybe @AndreasK can clarify that for us :slight_smile:



Yep, that’s not clear…
And not sure we will have an answer, I didn’t see Andreas for ages on this forum.

What is sure it didn’t take the highest amount and it’s also not date of creation because my EUR account was created before CZK. Regarding alphabetical, in my opinion, it’s not really the most relevant choice :P. Who knows. We will see

Thanks for your help :wink:



Hmm … interesting. A while ago, Revolut introduced the option to change the order of the currency list. Maybe this also allows now to define the order individually in which currencies are used for payments.



Well, my list goes CHF-EUR-CZK so not sure it’s the answer. But thanks Frank.

I’m still thinking there is a bug with CZK amount, like 1000CZK is a higher amount than 100EUR. They had this issue some time ago when people wanted to topup their CZK account and it was limited at 60’000CZK (=2’350EUR) and it was possible to topup 60’000EUR (yearly, more or less).

See here: Wrong top up limit, always considering Euro
and here: Top-up in CZK limited daily to CZK 250 (cca 10€)