Please add the following stocks to the Wealth/Inveting section

The following stocks have been in great demand and are still missing in Revolut Wealth:

  • PACB Pacific Bioscience
  • TCEHY Tencent Holding
  • EDIT Editas Medicine
  • MTLS Materialise
  • RHHBY Roche Holdings
  • ADYEN Ayden NV
  • IOVA Iovance Biotheraupetics
  • NTDOY Nintendo
  • MCRB Seres Therapeutics
  • OPEN Open Door Tech
  • SSYS Stratasys
  • BEKE Ke Holdings

In a broader and less urgent way, please add the stocks ARK adds in their ETFs. Specially ARKG, but also ARKK, ARKW, ARKQ, ARKF, etc.

Also, regarding recently added stocks news
We’ve noticed there are new stocks constantly being added to Revolut, but is there a way for users to be noticed the moment a new stock is added? This is very important to not miss opportunities.

Also also, regarding Buying ARK ETFs in Revolut
Buying ARK ETFs in the Revolut Wealth/Stocks section for non-US citizens would be a future possibility or is it just a UK/European user’s silly dream? Please let us know if we should keep expecting that to happen in the near future, or we just have to look at other places and stop asking for it here?

Thanks in advance for any users’ reply, and to the Revolut team for the consideration of the requests. Cheers!

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